Why People Are Choosing Steam

Health Benefits

Steam reduces stress, fuels blood flow, banishes impurities from your body, and is great for detoxification. Steam can relieve allergies, arthritis, asthma or other respiratory or circulatory problems.


Steam hydrates and opens pores, bringing nutrients to the surface and enhancing collagen production. Steam lessens the effects of aging by helping skin stay soft and smooth

Athletic Performance

Steam soothes sore, tired muscles, and helps release the tensions of your day. Steam promotes muscular flexibility. You’ll stretch, move and work out with greater ease and comfort.

Better Sleep

Steam helps reduce stress after a long day. Steam will help you get to sleep faster, sleep soundly and may increase the length of your REM sleep.

Health Benefits of Steam

Steam Showers 101

Steam showers are gaining in popularity as more people realize that a steam shower is an affordable luxury. Add in all the potential health and relaxation benefit and it’s no wonder why they are so sought after. Nonetheless, there are a few things you should know before you embark on your steam journey.

The first thing you need to know is the adjusted cubic footage of the space you’d like to steam. We say adjusted because there are many factors that would require a more powerful steam generator than might be required based on cubic footage alone. Some examples are windows, the shower material, ceiling height, and exterior walls. Use a steam room sizing guide to calculate your adjusted cubic footage.

The next thing to know is that there are only a few reputable manufacturers and we’ve focused on helping you navigate which might be best for you. All listed on our site make respectable products, but some are better than others based on your unique criteria.

Another factor that will affect your generator selection is the features you would require such as aromatherapy, in-shower music, and chromotherapy. Many of these features will demand a supporting generator and control panel. See our descriptions below of some of the most popular features.

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Hottest Trends in Steam Showers

There are so many new and interesting steam shower accessories and features that you may want to start there first. Choose the features you can’t live without and then figure out which steam manufacturers and packages support them.

Aromatherapy is by far the most popular steam shower addition.

Smart technology that allows you to stay connected while you relax.

Music Therapy - who doesn’t want to hear their favorite or relaxing music?

Reduced Environmental Impact - A residential steam shower uses 2 gallons or less of water for a 30 minute experience

Chromotherapy's light effects can bring you positive physical or psychological change.

Instant Steam - No need to wait 20 minutes or more for the unit be ready