About Amerec

Located in Seattle, WA, Amerec started as a sauna company in 1963 and in 1978 added steam generators to their product line. Amerec was acquired by Saunatec in 1993 and currently is part of the TyloHelo World Group. They manufacture and sell a variety of residential and commercial steam generators and saunas.

Amerec Steam AX & AK Steam Shower Generators Overview

The Amerec family of steam shower generators is divided into two categories: the AX line and the AK line. These two options are identical except for the control board—the component that determines which steam controller you’ll need and which advanced steam shower features you’ll be able to use. The Amerec AX series has the warm start option and integrates with the touch control and extra features. Both of these generators can handle spaces ranging from 80 cubic feet (a 3’ x 3’ footprint, typically the smallest domestic size shower you will see) up to 550 cubic feet. For larger spaces, multiple generators can be combined and configured to use a single control.

Amerec falls short on some of the extra features. They don’t have a music option and the chromatherapy is not as sophisticated (like ability to use it as white light) as the competitors. The aromatherapy option is basic and you cannot change scents.

Amerec’s amerecConnect mobile app has some definite pros. It features a very intuitive interface since it’s exactly the same as the steam shower control and it doesn’t require a separate module like some of the other manufacturers. The touch control allows you to pre-program a time to turn on which can be good, just be very careful that you make sure the door is closed since there is no sensor for that.

There’s also a good amount of conjecture online that the AK steam shower generators are being retired. This means that you can find great deals on them, but maintenance, replacement parts, or warranty considerations may give some buyers pause. As with all steam shower generators and components, make sure you are buying from an authorized dealer or the warranty may be voided. After all, a steam shower is a long-term investment.

  • Amerec Pros
    • Durable systems
    • Designer finishes available
    • Great customer service
    • Great warranty

  • Amerec Cons
    • AK Series may be overpriced
    • Controls not as sophisticated as comparably priced competition
    • Extra features like aroma and audio lag the competitors
    • Some reviewers felt it wasn’t as high-end as others they tested

Amerec Steam Controls

Amerec Steam A6 Touch Screen Control

The A6 Touch Screen Control is Amerec’s top-of-the-line basic control. With a sleek, flat interface and touch-screen functionality, this control has a nice modern design. It’s also a necessity if you want any of the more advanced features. It is designed to control lighting, language, timing, and more, and it can be installed within or outside the shower.

Amerec Steam A3 Touch Screen Control

The A3 provides a middle ground between the A6 with touch screen and Amerec’s most basic controls. It features permanent control buttons but has a relatively modern look and feel. It could be a good option for those seeking an attractive, user-friendly design without the extra overhead of the top-of-the-line controls.

Amerec K60 & KT60

The K60 and the KT60 controls work with the AK line of steam generators. With on/off and timer functions, these basic controls are what you want if you’re looking to add steam in the easiest and simplest way.

Female standing in steam shower
This is an awesome unit, pours out the steam very steadily and takes such a short time to fill my steam shower space and conserves energy once it's steamy. Its a great quality of steam that fills the air and surrounds you, very relaxing and your skin feels great after. - Jon, Amazon Review
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