About Kohler

Kohler Co. was founded way back in 1873 in Kohler, Wisconsin. They are best known for their plumbing supply line of products, but they also offer everything from steam shower generators and bathroom tiles to cabinetry and engine parts. In 2017, Kohler acquired the U.K.-based Clarke Energy.

Kohler Steam Shower Overview

Kohler is a brand known for its bringing together of both form and function. This holds true for their steam shower line. The Invigoration Series has sleek looking controls while also having a generator that can produce steam in under a minute.

The Kohler Steam Shower generators are at a moderate price-point, ranging from just over $2,000 for their 5 kW generator to a little more than $3,500 for the 15 kW. But you will also need to add on both the steam generator control kit and the optional DTV+ steam adapter kit, each running at over $700. The biggest drawback to the Kohler line is the lack of custom options and the cool features you’d get with Steamist or Thermasol.

So that puts them in the middle of the pack, not as inexpensive as some options. Less expensive than the high end but without the availability of all the extra features. And their warranty is only good for 3 years on the steam shower generator and 5 years for the controls.

  • Kohler Pros
    • Easy 3-step purchase process
    • Sleek design with lots of finish options
    • DTV+ kit is a great upgrade for the price when compared to other manufacturers

  • Kohler Cons
    • Warranty voided if not purchased through an authorized dealer, and if not the original purchaser, and only good for 3 years.
    • Bad reviews on Amazon are worrisome.
    • Limited upgrades.

Kohler Steam Generator

Kohler Invigoration® Generators

Kohler offers the Invigoration Generator series in sizes from 5 kW all that way up to 30 kW. All steam showers are compatible with their DTV+ steam adapter kits, all come standard with their Fast-Response® technology that produces steam in just 60 seconds. Power Clean™ technology offers one-touch automatic cleaning and safe maintenance. The really important part of these generators is that they are stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Kohler DTV kit

Kohler DTV+ Steam Adapter Kits

Generators are the important part of the purchase, but the fun part is in selecting your bells and whistles. The DTV+ adapter kits come in one or 2 steam head kits with a circular steam showerhead design that allows steam to be evenly dispersed throughout the shower. The kit key features include a remote temperature sensor, an aromatherapy reservoir on the steam head, and an adjustable time setting with 20-minute safety shutoff.

Man relaxing in Steam Shower
I have owned this unit for three years and have had to send it back twice. The install and removal is expensive and Kohler does not pay for this. -- Reviewed on Amazon By Angelo Provenzano
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