About Mr. Steam

Located in Long Island City, NY Mr. Steam was founded in 1917 as Automatic-Steam Products by Arthur Sussman. Arthur Sussman first created a steam iron for garment factories and since then the company has constantly innovated and have since become the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers in the world. The current president is an industrial designer so there is a lot of re-imagining the look and experience of the residential spa as well as commercial.

The company prides themselves on add-ons like aromatherapy and ChromaTherapy and they may just have the sleekest towel warmers.

Mr. Steam Steam@Home Overview

Mr. Steam has two steam shower lines to consider for the residential consumer. The first is the steam@home series which is designed for very small spaces. It’s your most basic steam option out there and you’ll need to be careful that the generator is big enough to service your space. There is no advanced temperature settings and it is only designed for very small enclosures made of certain materials. Make sure you take into account any room features that would affect your adjusted cubic footage such as shower material, ceiling height, or exterior walls. You can use this guide to figure out your required steam shower generator size.

Mr. Steam eSeries Overview

Mr. Steam definitely holds top of mind real estate in the luxury steam bath consumer’s list. Because their components are pricey when purchased separately and don’t have a great reputation for quality, they often lose the very top spot to Steamist and Thermasol.

  • Mr. Steam Pros
    • Attractive bundled add-on packages
    • Strong product design
    • Good customer service

  • Mr. Steam Cons
    • Incremental costs of add-ons adds on
    • Noisier than many of the competitors
    • No proportional heat

Mr. Steam eSeries Generators

Designed for residential use, these generators are about the size of a briefcase. They have a single tank that uses only 2 gallons of water for a 20-minute steam shower. That makes them very efficient operators and they are in line with the very top of the pack in terms of energy consumption.

With a water temperature equalization chamber, Mr. Steam’s Autosteam® – which comes standard with every generator – provides a continuous flow of steam.  This feature is also readily available with a number of other steam shower manufacturers, though.

Mr. Steam eSeries Features

Selecting features and controls for Mr. Steam can get quite complicated and has been a point of contention for many customers. Since the base unit can be had so affordably compared to some of the competitors, some users complain of how the costs add up by the time they have an apples to apples comparison of features.

Man in Steam Shower
Had a small issue with Mr. Steam but they took care of it promptly and now we are back to enjoying our steam bath. - Nick Vichas review of Mr. Steam — January 17 · Facebook

Popular Mr. Steam Packages

The Mr. Steam packages are pretty similar but have strict compatibility requirements that can make them difficult to navigate.

The two most popular are the iDream and the iButler. We’ve detailed these below. There are numerous iterations of each, so I suggest you make sure your package matches your required generator size prior to purchase.

I3Butler steam shower package
I3 Butler Steam Shower Package is compatible with Models MS90E to MS Super 3E include:

Available in black or white, the i3 Butler focuses on relaxation and affordable luxury. Includes iSteam 3 Touch Screen Control, matching AromaSteam SteamHead, SteamLinx, AutoFlush®, condensation pan.

iDream steam shower package
I3 Dream Steam Shower Package – Compatible with MS 90E to MS Super 3E

The Dream Steam Shower Package is for the everyday luxury steam shower residential user. It boasts the perfect blend of AromaTherapy, ChromaTherapy and calming music. This package includes: iSteam3® Touch Control, AromaSteam SteamHead, SteamLinx Mobile App, AutoFlush®, Condensation Pan, AromaSteam Oil Delivery System, ChromaSteam3™ Mood Lighting System, AudioSteam3™ sound system, Pair of Square in-shower speakers, 1 Liter Eucalyptus Oil.

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