About Steamist

Steamist is based in East Rutherford, New Jersey and provides a full line of residential and commercial steam generators and accessories. They’ve been at this for 75 years and have stayed at the forefront of technology and features. They have some of the most robust features in the industry.

Steamist Overview

Steamist is a top-of-the-line steam shower manufacturer with fully featured spa-like steam showers. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line, then they should be in your list. Most of the extra features have nuances of improved usability over the competition. These can be little things like aromatherapy with a white light option for normal lighting or ease of changing aromas.

  • Steamist Pros
    • Reliable Company & Product
    • Great Customer Reviews
    • Spa-like Capabilities
    • Superior Customer Service

  • Steamist Cons
    • Expensive
    • Top of the market

Steamist Generators

For the residential lines of generators by Steamist, there are two steam shower generator options: Total Sense and SM Plus. Both Steamist generators feature a stainless steel tank, a compact design that allows for many installation options, and both are compatible with Total Sense Spa options.

The Total Sense Generator (TSG) goes one step further. It features InstaMist which dramatically shortens the time to warm the steam. This is a pretty clever feature and eliminates those cold waits you get with some generators. The second differentiating feature is what Steamist calls Steady Steam. Steady Steam is an innovation that precisely controls the in shower steam temperature to the users desired set point. This is another common complaint of some lower end models where temperatures can fluctuate as much as ten degrees.

Steamist Controls

The Steamist 550 control is the ultimate top of the line flush mount control with built in wi-fi for streaming music services. It will operate everything, including the Total Sense Spa packages.

The Steamist 450 control encapsulates a touch screen in a more traditional looking control module and is available in wide array of finishes. It will work the Total Sense Spa options but lacks the wifi and mobile app capabilities of the 550. Like the 550, it has a touchscreen operation and two programmable presets.

The Steamist 250 is your more basic digital control. It also features two programmable presets and has dual temperature sensors for increased steam shower temperature control, but it will NOT control the Total Sense Spa Packages. So this is the control for you if you’re not getting those extra features.

Steamist Options

Steamist really sets itself apart with their luxury options. All generators allow the user to enjoy one or more of any of the Total Sense Spa Options, allowing the consumer to customize their spa.

  • AromaSense infuses your steam experience with fragrant 100% undiluted essential oils.
  • ChromaSense transforms the steam shower experience with chroma-therapy.
  • AudioSense allows you to bring all your favorite music into your steam shower from your smartphone, iPod, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled music player.

ShowerSense – Lets you enjoy your steam experience and follow it up with a refreshing shower from up to three different outlets.

Man in Steam Shower
This is a great generator. I installed in my basement steam shower and had to call the manufacturer twice who actually answered the phone and provided help and suggestions ... I would recommend Steamist as a quality product.. - Verified purchaser on Amazon
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