About ThermaSol

Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, ThermaSol prides themselves on being the “original steam shower manufacturer,” though the ancient Romans might take issue with that claim. In either case, ThermaSol has been specializing in bringing steam shower generators to residences since 1958. That is a long time to refine and perfect this somewhat complicated system.

ThermaSol Overview

ThermaSol has been a steam bathing industry leader for more than 60 years. No purchase of a residential steam shower generator should be made without at least considering them. Today, ThermaSol is best known for their amazing technology features. Their controls really are beautiful and offer a great array of styles and finishes. And they offer a lifetime warranty and a limited in-home warranty. But beware, only units purchased through an authorized dealer or reseller will have this incredible warranty.

ThermaSol offers two levels of residential steam shower generators: The ProSeries and AF Series. The AF Series is the base model and doesn’t offer some of the same bells and whistles available with the ProSeries. SmartSteam, for example, is only available with the ProSeries. Both include stainless steel construction, FastStart technology, and the ability to plumb 50 feet from the shower without purchasing a larger kW unit. Most reviewers seem to prefer ThermaSol ProSeries over the AF.

All Thermasol steam shower generators use a float system to regulate incoming water. While this method has less control, it makes for a very quiet operation. The extra features – bundled as a control package – require installation overhead of the unit. This will limit applications to top floor levels and certain room designs.

  • ThermaSol Pros
    • 50 years of experience
    • Incredible technology
    • Super quiet operation

  • ThermaSol Cons
    • No aroma therapy option
    • Most expensive when compared side-by-side.
    • Ceiling installation required of some extra features

Thermasol AF series generators

AF Series Generators

The AF Series is ThermaSol’s mid-level residential steam shower generator. As with the ProSeries, it is compatible with a number of ThermaSol’s amazing add-on features. Most importantly, it comes standard with the Auto PowerFlush™ pressurized inner tank cleaning system if that is a feature you’re looking for or want. Some consumers don’t want that as it affects water usage.


  • 2 Year In-Home Warranty
  • No Drain Pan
  • No Pre-plumbed PRV (Pressure Relief Valve)
Thermasol Pro Series Generator

ProSeries Generator

ProSeries is ThermaSol’s premium residential generator. Only the ProSeries has SmartSteam, which produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain the desired room temperature while conserving energy and providing a quiet, relaxed experience.


  • 3 Year In-Home Warranty
  • Drain Pan Included
  • Pre-Plumbed PRV Included
Female standing in steam shower
I went with the Thermasol pro-series and found that it was pretty easy to install without making major changes to the hard plumbing. -- Houzz review
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